Menopause Can Be a Time of Spiritual Awakening

Menopause is a natural biological process all women experience. It is a state where women completed one full year without menstruation. Some women see it as a loss, an ending to their reproductive life. They fear losing vitality, youth and femininity. But if we look at menopause differently, then we may begin to understand it. A perfectly normal biological state that women go through is not to be dreaded. Women who no longer have their monthly periods have no discomfort associated with it. It is a state where women have completed one full year without menstruation. They have no concern about pregnancy and birth control.  Many find they are more capable of receiving higher levels of sexual pleasure as they get older. Sex after menopause can be more pleasurable because of freedom from pregnancy.

Menopause is a natural transition; it represents entry into the wise woman phase of life. It is coupled with energetic, psychological and spiritual shifts that propel into the wise woman years. There is a sense of more energy and freedom after women have completed their childbearing years. They are at the height of their intellectual and physical powers. Most women find the time to take up creative pursuits like painting and digital photography after menopause. Women who view menopause as natural enjoy the transition during perimenopause to menopause.

Menopause is a process of enlightenment; hormonal changes are leading to spiritual awakening. Hot flushes are burst of energy similar to the feeling of warmth in Kundalini rising. Kundalini is the root of all spiritual experiences. This is also called achieving enlightenment. Kundalini or the serpent-power is located at the uterus. At menopause, Kundalini energy enters at one gate and the other half prevents it from leaving. It is unable to return to earth, so it builds up in the pelvis creating PMS. If the intense energy collects in the uterus, cramping can be felt. If it sits in the pelvic area for many years, it can cause vaginal dryness and other menopausal symptoms. But if it is guided as in the cause of hot flushes, it goes up the spine and confers enlightenment.

It is important for the energy centres not to be resistant to its rising, menopausal symptoms may get worse instead of abating. Resistance to the passage of Kundalini is associated with menstrual pain, heart palpitations, thyroid malfunction, bloating, headaches and memory loss. Menopausal symptoms should be understood by women as energy movement. When Kundalini moves freely up the spine, the symptoms subside and energy increases. Use the symptoms as a way to pinpoint areas that need special nourishment. Menopause can be a time of spiritual awakening. This happens when women welcome this growth. Meditating, quiet time alone in nature or sitting comfortably listening to soothing music opens the way for the flow of Kundalini.

Menopause awakens the great potential of the serpent-power. Women who have awakened Kundalini experience an increase in clairvoyance, ecstasy, clarity and transcendence. Menopause should be viewed not as an illness, but an opportunity to achieve a heightened sense of awareness and consciousness. Some healers believe that hot flashes are actually releases of Kundalini energy. To facilitate this transformation spend some time alone with nature or listen to relaxing music and allow your thoughts to flow up. Do anything to relax and allow the energy to flow, make the experience one of validation instead of misery.