Menopause Treatment

Low libido? Is menopause causing that?

I don’t feel like having sex any more, is menopause causing that? During menopause you may find that you libido or desire to have sex will reduce and you no longer have an interest in sex. This may in part be due to hormonal changes. The impact of hormonal change on female libido is a … Continued

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Menopause Can Be a Time of Spiritual Awakening

Menopause is a natural biological process all women experience. It is a state where women completed one full year without menstruation. Some women see it as a loss, an ending to their reproductive life. They fear losing vitality, youth and femininity. But if we look at menopause differently, then we may begin to understand it. … Continued

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The Challenge of Menopause for Couples

Menopause is a natural phase in every woman’s life. It’s a time of overwhelming change physically, emotionally and sexually. These changes during menopause affect both woman and her partner. Menopause present challenges to the couples, even the closest couple go through difficult times during this period. Misunderstanding about the menopausal issue is one of the … Continued

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male menopause andropause

Is Male Menopause Real?

Women go through menopause when they reach their forties to early fifties, but does this medical condition happen to men as they age too? Is there such a thing as a male menopause? Apparently, menopause is not just for the ladies. Hormone fluctuations affect men physically and emotionally too, but unlike the female menopause, the male’s … Continued

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Early Menopause

Early Menopause The natural menopause age for women in the U.S. averages from 51. With that being said, some women can go through menopause even before the age of 40 due to genetics, illness, or medical procedures. Take for example, the famous Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie Pitt who is currently at the age of 39 … Continued

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20 Menopause Organisations & News Sources around the Globe

Australasian Menopause Society Australasian Menopause Society (AMS) aim is the advancement of knowledge about the menopause in an effort to improve the quality of life of women during and after the menopause. International Menopause Society The International Menopause Society aims to promote education and research on all aspects of adult women’s health. The … Continued

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Mature woman confused by Menopause

What is Menopause?

Menopause refers on the cessation of women’s menstrual cycle on account of the ovaries’ failure to carry on delivering sufficient amounts of follicles. This is considered as the close of your reproductive interval of females, which implies they lose their ability to conceive a baby just after menopause. Menopause commonly happens when women attain ages … Continued

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Exploring Natural Options

One size doesn’t fit all. Your health beliefs and personal medical history are vital in helping us understand your preferences and understanding the options available to you … Maecenas a magna vel elit efficitur aliquet eu in massa. Donec a consequat tortor, vel aliquet nulla. Integer scelerisque consequat lobortis. Integer et quam sed justo pharetra … Continued

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